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Sustainable Financial Framework

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When using a Membracon Separations system, the primary objective is to reduce water consumption. Whether that be through Water Recycling, Polishing, Reclamation or Separation, the goal remains the same. Our systems, that undergo the process required to fulfil such goals, can be utilised uniquely to bring a contribution towards cost neutrality.


Membracon are able to offer a variety of procurement mechanisms that complement our systems process solution. Rather than the standard Engineering Procurement Construction models (EPC), Membracon are also able to offer:


Build Own Operate (BOO) models, where our clients pay for the usage of our systems alone. Through BOO models, the cost of operation, rather than ownership, can be offset from the savings made in using this system –

Membracon BOO model

[Initial Fees     +          Cost of Operation      –           Savings            =          Cost]

Membracon also offer Build Own Transfer (BOT) models, which enable the client to take ownership of our systems at the end-point of the contract – similar to Lease options commonly found at automotive sectors.

Membracon BOT model

[Initial Fees     + Cost of Operation – Savings + Final Purchasing Price       =          Cost]

Sustainable Financial Frameworks bring innovation to the financial aspect of our systems, with the aim to contribute towards providing holistic solutions that benefit you across both financial, operational and ecological needs.


Sustainable Financial Frameworks are offered across our entire range of Design & Build systems. Through the successful underwriting assisted by Mazaars, we are able to offer bespoke systems, built to fulfil the exact needs of you and your operations.


Inclusive to our Sustainable Financial Frameworks are full Service & Maintenance packages. Scheduled alongside our Proprietary Automated Intelligence (AI) Secure Server, the S&M package will serve to guarantee optimality of use and a headache-free experience together.


To discuss the nuances behind your Liquid & Water related issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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