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Ceramic UF

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Ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) is a physical separation technology. Inorganic porous membranes with pore sizes between 100 and 2nm are used to separate matters such as virus and proteins in a liquid solution.

In this separation technology the solution is recirculated tangentially to the surface of the filtration media, the ceramic membrane. Part of the solution passes through the membrane and is clarified. The membrane filtration technology relies on the creation of a pressure difference to enable the retention of solutes larger than the pore size of the membrane while allowing the solvent to pass through the membrane.The selection of the membrane material will depend on multiple variables.


Ceramic UF is used in multiple applications, in particular related to water reuse and environment (treatment of industrial effluents in combination or not with bioreactors, reuse of degreasing baths, cutting oils, COD/BOD reduction, etc.).

This separation process is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, and is used in the clarification of sugar (glucose syrup), the concentration/fractionation of proteins, the concentration and purification of enzymes, yeasts, vegetal extractions, etc. It is also used in the concentration and purification of molecules, vaccines and proteins in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.



The advantages of ceramic UF are as follows:

  • Separation that cannot be achieved by other physical separation technologies.
  • Superior separation quality and performance as a result of the continuous cleaning of the membrane surface by the solution in recirculation, tangentially to it.
  • A continuous separation process with the possibility of feeding a downstream process without interruptions.
  • A physical separation technology without phase transition, which allows the treatment of sensitive liquids without denaturation of their components, as opposed to using evaporation, distillation and liquid-liquid extraction processes.
  • A separation technology without additives and environment-friendly, as opposed. To processes using diatomaceous earth filtration.
  • An automated process, which does not require frequent operator intervention.

Membracon’s product offerings cover a large range of systems and individual component equipment for many ceramic UF process applications.


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