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Liquid Filtration Solutions

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Filter Housings

Membracon provides top of the range filter cartridge filter bag housings to suit a multitude of filtration applications.

A well constructed filter housing is a key part of a reliable filtration system. The full range of filter housings available will go along way to giving longevity and value for money to your filtration needs.

Filter housings in a wide variety of materials and types of construction, from single filter bag to multi-round cartridges, and offered to suit every application.

Filter Media

As part of any filter system the correctly sized and best quality consumable filter media are key to an efficient, smooth running process.

Membracon can accommodate your requirements when it comes to the supply of all types of filter media; filter bags and filter cartridges, for wet and dry applications. Filter bags and cartridges come in a variety of media types from needle felts to mesh and with micron ratings to suit.

In addition to the more common filter media, Membracon can also provide spray booth filter media, of the concertina-type or synthetic foam, and powder booth filter cartridges.

Carbon Filtration

Activated Carbon is ideal Water Filter for the removal of colour taste and odour. This black powdery substance is also ideal for the removal of Chlorine, Ozone, Organics and metals. Activated carbon is also highly effective at removing a vast range of chemicals. These types of filters are commonly used before Reverse Osmosis systems due to the fact that mains water is dosed with chlorine which is particularly destructive to RO membranes.

These filters are also commonly used within food production for the removal of colour taste and odour as well as any chemicals or contaminants within the water that could have an effect on the food.

Activated carbon comes from a number of different origins. These are bone, coconut shell, wood, peat and petroleum based residue. These substances are put through an activation process which involves applying steam. This process leaves the carbon with a much higher internal surface area accessible to vapour and liquid making it ideal for Adsorption to take place.

Water Softener

Water softening allows hard water to filter down through a bed of ion exchange resin. The ion exchange resin attracts the calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) and replaces them with sodium ions. This is a benefit for water systems and plants because it prevents scale build-up.

How does a Water Softener Work?

A water softener is usually made up of two tanks: a larger one where rock or pellet salt is added, and a smaller tank that contains the ion exchange resins. A control valve causes the system to recharge or regenerate when the ion exchange resins are saturated with hardness.

Pellet softening for industrial and municipal environments. This limits calcium carbonate deposits caused by a daily use of hard water.  These deposits can cause clogging and affect the operation of appliances and water treatment systems.

Combined clarification and softening operations in a single compact treatment unit to reduce water alkalinity and hardness. This process also removes other water components such as silica, heavy metals, fluorides and phosphates as well as TSS (total suspended solids) and organic matter.

Water Softener Systems Applications:

  • High flow softened water for commercial and industrial applications
  • Water softeners for process and manufacturing applications
  • High quality softened water for industrial and commercial applications

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