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Data Portal

White Paper for AI backed infrastructure: Data Portal

This proposal has the ambition to identifying and creating sustainable resiliency solutions of international development, starting in the UK.


The creation of the Data Portals for our clients aims to implement Artificially Driven (AI) competence Framework Driven Resiliency Solutions and Advanced Strategic Solutions towards Trade and Development in-line with the completion of the Clean Water and Sanitation Global Sustainable Goal (SDG), which is one of the 17 SDGs issued by the UN to be achieved by 2030.

Water Filtration Solutions

A Guide To Industrial Water Filtration


Water gets disposed and treated throughout the UK and internationally every day. Some treatment includes chemical treatment, and some disposal includes breaking the law and harming the environment.

Find out how to correctly manage and treat water in our free guide, whether that’s poor water quality from the mains or wastewater from manufacturing processes. 

A Guide To Electrocoating


Within the process of e-coating, water filtration is used to ensure all debris, grease and oils are removed from the car in-between treatments. E-coating can also be used in the finishing sector, industrial and aerospace, but is most recognised for the part it plays in the car industry.

This guide runs through everything you need to know about e-coating, the equipment used and how water plays a part in the role.

Clean Water Solutions


Discover the full range of water filtration solutions for clean water. Find out which companies across the UK have our water filtration systems in place already and how each system works.

Explore the different financial options available with hire purchase schemes, how we approach training, surveys and service agreements.

Specialists In Plant And Equipment For Finishing Processes


Discover the solutions available to the finishing sector through innovative equipment installed within production lines.

Find out the technicalities behind each solution and which companies they are currently being used in across the UK.

System Maintenance Guides

Restarting Your Anolyte System After An Unexpected Shutdown


View our handy guide to help when restarting your Anodes and Anolyte System after an unexpected shutdown.

If you need an expert to visit your system on site to best advise, get in touch.

Restarting Your Ultrafiltration System After An Unexpected Shutdown


View our handy guide to help when restarting your Ultrafiltration System after an unexpected shutdown, including best practises for shutting down systems.

If you need an expert to visit your system on site to best advise, get in touch.