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Pure Water Production

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Membracon offer both Reverse Osmosis systems and Ion Exchange Demineraliser (DI) units for pure water production.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems have been designed to assist in the efficient production of clean water from incoming raw water in a multitude of industries; petrochemical, chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical.


The benefits of the use of these filtration systems include; a reduction in operational expenditure (OpEx), smaller footprint, minimal operation & maintenance requirements, all aiding in a reduction of disposal costs via reuse.


Membracon not only offers a full, bespoke, design & build for the system to suit each customer’s requirements, but can also provide a comprehensive service & maintenance package along with a tailored financing solution.


RO is used for water filtration in a wide range of applications including desalination of seawater and in the production of demineralised water for use in other applications, such as component rinse systems prior to a coating process. The semi-permeable membrane employed for reverse osmosis is capable of rejecting 99.9% of bacteria and is therefore used frequently in the design of pharmaceutical pure water systems.


Membracon offer a wide range of reverse osmosis plants and replacement membranes, along with a  wide range of pre-treatment equipment including softeners, activated carbon filters, and multi-media filters.

reverse osmosis water filtration system


A complete product range is available from single RO systems to accommodate 150l/h right up to those capable of 50,000l/h with all the associated pre and post equipment from filters to storage tanks and the interconnecting pipework.

An Ion Exchange Demineraliser or ‘DI’ system uses a mix of cation and anion exchange resins to remove inorganic salts from water.


When water comes into contact with the cation resin, positively charged ions such as Na+ and Ca++ are removed from the water and replaced with H+ ions. 


The initial treatment of the water then comes into contact with anion resins where Cl and SO4 are removed and replaced with OHions. 


Once this has taken place deionised or demineralised water is produced.


Over time, ion exchange resins require regeneration to make sure the system operates at its full potential. This ‘regen’ is performed by using Hydrochloric acid on the cation column and caustic through on the anion column.   A rise in conductivity will indicate when the resins need to be regenerated.


Membracon offer a wide range of sizes for all DI plant requirements and supply full service and maintenance packages for all new and existing DI systems.

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