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Membracon has over 60 years of knowledge in the industry and is able to offer a wide selection of service maintenance & commissioning programs to suit your requirements, on every aspect on a given system.


Membracon offer many forms of installations from inline bag house for filtration, to a fully automated reverse osmosis system.

Working closely with installation teams and external companies, Membracon’s installations cover a wide variety of projects including:

  • The installation of UV bacterial control systems for companies in the automotive sector
  • Replacement of a complete stainless-steel pipework ring main for a paint mix room
  • Transporter system extension for an electrocoat facility to improve productivity
  • Gas fired heat exchanger system replacement for a boiler coil drying oven in the Aerospace industry

Additionally, Membracon can provide installation for smaller projects such as:

  • Replacement of ultrafiltration membranes
  • Anodes installation and replacement
  • Reverse osmosis installation and membrane replacement

And much more… 

service Commission



Membracon engineers offer detailed on-site training to suit the water treatment project that you are operating.

We have a wealth of knowledge across a variety of industries, including powder coating, wet spray and electrodeposition systems.

In close consultation with you, we tailor our training schemes around your needs to ensure that we bring you the exact knowledge that you require, including processes, components and inductions for new employees. We can also provide one-day refresher courses for those looking to update their understanding of the systems.

Would you like to find out more about our tailored training schemes? Reach out to us through the form at the bottom of the page and a water treatment expert will be in touch.

Performance Survey:


Membracon offers on-site performance surveys to monitor the performance of your equipment and systems.

When you purchase a new water treatment system, or equipment for that system, we understand that you are looking for the best options to suit your needs. Maintaining this high standard requires ongoing performance monitoring to keep your system operating as if it were brand new even years after installation.

Membracon’s performance surveys allow you to track your systems and ensure that they are operating to their fullest capability. We can also monitor product updates and advise on more cost-effective solutions that would be more suitable for you as they become available.



Following your performance survey’s Membracon can provide advice on potential upgrades or additional features that could be added to maximise the productivity and economics of your water treatment system.

We have previously worked with customers to improve their water treatment systems on projects such as:

  • The replacements of old anode boxes with high performance Tectron anode tube cells for the paint tanks at a car manufacturing plant improving the quality and transfer efficiency of paint and reducing the maintenance costs for the customer.

  • The placing of costly, high-maintenance ultrafiltration systems with Membracon’s patented Flexoperm system to reduce the cost and improve the overall quality and performance for clients in the automotive sector.

Process Maintenance:


You’ve probably heard the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. This is a mantra adopted by many companies across the UK and the wider world.

However, here at Membracon we see this phase as a roadblock to a fully optimised business performing at it’s best. The “if it’s not broken…” idea can be costly to business on both a long, and short-term basis.

For example, a small leak that seems harmless shouldn’t be left until it reaches a critical point. The cost of repairing the small leak is far less than the repair costs that would occur after the leak became a large crack in the system that caused process shutdown and disruption to your production.

Process maintenance includes a variety of options from conducting spark tests to monitor the integrity of a tank lining, to replacing the full lining of a tank to protect against health and safety risks further down the line.

We are here to help. We offer process surveys with full reports and provide a maintenance schedule to protect your systems.

We also understand that sometimes time and labour around these projects can be a concern. Membracon engineers are available to undertake this work for you as part of out bespoke service agreements.

Service Agreements:


Membracon are here to help you in way possible. Many companies find that there are not enough hours in the day, for example. Membracon can help.

By signing up for one of our bespoke service agreements, you can feel assured that Membracon are managing your water treatment systems and allowing you get on with managing your business.

Membracon service agreements come in a variety of forms and are tailored to be an exact match to your needs.

Would you like to find out more about how Membracon can help with your water treatments needs? Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and a water treatment expert will be in touch to see how we can help you.

Industrial Burners.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Replacement.

Reverse Osmosis Systems Performance check and membrane replacement.

UV Bacteria disinfection Systems.

Anode cell and anode box Inspection.

On site Training days anywhere in UK to suit your requirements.

And Much more…

Membracon work on a simple 5 step process to enable you to have a stress free, quality service provided.


Step 1: A FREE site visit and survey of your plant and equipment.

Step 2: A full report and recommendations following visit sent to customer.

Step 3: A formal quote to be issued.

Step 4: Upon order placement, an engineer will be booked for you.

Step 5: Required service carried out.

Membracon offer a variety of service terms to suit your individual requirements. Anything from a one off visit to a five year agreement.

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