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Green Engineering

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Water. Not only a commodity, It is the primary proponent to life on Earth as we see. Centred to our existence is the passion we have for Water, and the delicacy we share for it is aligned with our holistic activities…


Our Green engineering structure has been an organic development of our continued expression to give back to planet Earth, on this journey to attain sustainability and resilience, for both the ecology and humans to prosper.


This section is made to explore how we can offer Green Engineering as a Value for our clients in both giving back to the planet along with the various enhancements in use for financial development.

Environmental Impact Neutrality:


Contributing towards our mission statement, Membracon endeavour to mitigate our environmental impact, including carbon neutrality, through various initiatives:


Carbon Auditing Across our D&B (Design & Build) projects. Clients are able to review the carbon footprint of their process solutions with the vision of exploring mitigation techniques to receive carbon reduction enhancements.


Carbon Footprint Verifications are also applied to our S&M (Service & Maintenance) projects where we are able to illustrate our ecological, financial and operational advantages to exact processes, equipment use and actions.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Membracon is unequivocally focussed in providing value for Environmental, Social and Governance efforts. To the team, they share an equal measure of respect and engagement with our everyday operations, and remain focal to the strategy & vision of Membracon. You can explore the actions & collaborations we engage in the realm of ESG:




Our traditional technological range accounts for the comprehensive treatment of water in the vision to aid Water Recycling and Reduction of Use.

Where such technologies cannot be implemented, it is important to consider innovative technologies, that aim to solve current day problems, with futuristic cutting edge enhancements.


Membracon work closely with various Technology Verification & Acceleration teams across the globe, such as STEP (India) and ArkaTAP (Int.). Remaining a firm ally to these teams allows Membracon in the continued loop and dialogue to assist in the commercialisation of life-changing innovative technologies.

Environmental Technological Partners Include

WRK Designs And Services 


The Downwards Gas Contactor (DGC) is a system designed by WRK made for the transfer of liquid into gas reabsoption. It is a compact system that allows for a capital and operational cost friendly approach towards organic effluent treatment. 


The DGC can be installed as a set-piece on it’s own, allowing for easy scale-up or further modulations to be made. With no internally moving parts, a relatively low power consumption, and an approach rate greater than 95%, the DGC is simply the best at what it does!


The DGC has been heradled an international success, having won awards in South Korea, India and within the international organisations of the United Nations and the UNESCO. 


With our alliances towards innovative partners, we are able to provide a fully comprehensive range of options towards all Clean Water and Sanitation needs and requirements. Click here to find out more about WRK Designs and Services.

Prote Technologies


Innovative Sludge Management Solutions that aim to reduce sludge, transform the remaining waste into EU-approved high-end fertiliser. Prote’s depth of water based solutions boast the strengths of being both ecological and financially friendly, allowing for a win-win outcome in aspects previously impossible! 


Prote Technologies Include:


  • Lake and River Rejuvenation 


  • Soil and Water Reclamation from pollution, especially petroleum induced degradation


  • Continuous drinking water safety alert systems 


Prote technologies have collected a slew of awards throughout Poland and the international scale. We are proud to partner with Prote to bring forth some of the most progressive technologies to the UK. Click here to find out more about Prote Technologies.



Regardless of your original nature of business, It is imperative for us all to continue to explore how we can continue to serve and lend our support to those who need it most. Below are some of the socially-bound organisations we work closely with:

Action Against Child Exploitation – Education Initiative (AACE-EI) 



AACE Overview


AACE is an NFP organisation with the primary remit of supporting and assisting children, girls and young adults during moments of particular conflict and crisis. Their reactive outreach support mechanisms are complemented with their various workshop initiatives that aim to consider long-term visions of bringing reform to the UK’s Key Stage learning processing; RSE (Relationships & Sexual Health) in particular.





Membracon continues the practice of risk assessment and protocol updates to ensure we remain in line with all government standards regarding operations, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.


We also proudly engage in carbon auditing across our proposals, to ensure our clients receive a throughout evaluation on the differing carbon savings, footprint reductions, and subsequent efficiency savings earned through working with Membracon. 


Partners of Governance (present list): 


  • South Pole Carbon
  • LSE
  • BDO 
  • Mazaars
  • Future Planet


Membracon continues to drive to progressively make the world a better place. Please get in touch with the Membracon team to discuss the above initiatives in greater depth.

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