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Electrocoating Equipment

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Tubular Anodes


Tectron® tubular anodes can be manufactured in a wide variety of qualities, dimensions and options, the ideal mix of product properties are available to optimise each individual electrocoat plant.


The Tectron® tubular anodes use a licensed technology for the internal anolyte flow pattern. This feature means that a relatively high percentage of the ion exchange membrane is available for the electrical current, which is an important quality aspect of the anodes. The chance that biological and corrosion sediments will blind the membrane is reduced, significantly.


Membracon are able to assist in the design of the complete anode system, based around the use of the Tectron® tubular anodes. Four anode diameters, 48mm, 60mm, 73mm & 89mm along with lengths to suit each, individual customers’ requirements.

Ultrafiltration Membranes & Systems

Membracon offer a wide range of membranes and systems for all types & sizes of Electrocoat plants.

The spiral wound elements and housings, offered are available in 1.8″, 2.5″, 4″, 6″, 8″ & 10” diameters, all in industry standard lengths.

Membracon can offer both our revolutionary Flexoperm® Ultrafiltration (UF) system and our standardised PVC UF system. Both of these systems can be made to suit a range of permeate rates from 500ltr/hr to 20,000ltr/hr.

PVC UF System
Flexoperm® System

PVC UF System

Flexoperm® System

Clean-in-place (CIP) systems, available as an optional extra, allow routine maintenance procedures to be carried out during normal production hours.


Complete spares, replacement and service agreements are available.

Filter Housings & Media


Membracon provides top of the range filter cartridge filter bag housings to suit a multitude of filtration applications.


Filter housings in a wide variety of materials and types of construction, from single filter bag to multi-round cartridges, and offered to suit every application.


Membracon can accommodate your requirements when it comes to the supply of all types of filter media; filter bags and filter cartridges, for wet and dry applications. Filter bags and cartridges come in a variety of media types from needle felts to mesh and with micron ratings to suit.

We also offer carbon filtration and softeners for all types of water applications.

Reverse Osmosis Systems


The Membracon Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems have been designed to assist in the efficient production of clean water for the use in the Electrocoating Industry.


Membracon not only offers a full, bespoke, design & build for the system to suit each customer’s requirements, but can also provide a comprehensive service & maintenance package along with a tailored financing solution.


A complete product range is available from single RO systems to accommodate 150l/h right up to those capable of 50,000l/h with all the associated pre and post equipment from filters to storage tanks and the interconnecting pipework.

Process Pipework, Tank Linings & Repairs & Maintenance


Membracon have the ability to design and supply process tanks in a variety of materials, along with suitable lining materials; rubber, PVC FRP, glass flake, and epoxies.


In addition to the initial supply a complete relining service is also available, with the same range of lining materials to suit the application requirements and chemical compatibility of the liquid being contained.


Membracon also supply and install pipework systems including spray systems, carry out modifications and installations. We can offer solvent weld, socket and IR fusion pipework.


Along with the re-lining and repair of process tank linings, Membracon can provide a “spark test” to check an existing lining’s integrity.

DC Rectifiers for Electrocoating


Membracon is available for consultation on the design and supply of rectifiers suitable for use with all electrocoating applications, ranging from small parts indexing systems to larger, continuous automotive coating lines.

Service & Maintenance


Membracon are here to help you in way possible. Many companies find that there are not enough hours in the day, for example. Membracon can help.


We offer:


Bespoke service agreements,

Performance survey carried out onsite by one of Membracon’s Engineers

Upgrades or additional features that could be added to maximise the productivity and economics of your process filtration equipment.

Analysis Reports




Maintenance on burners, anode systems and rectifiers


Our key equipment comes with a variety of finance options

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