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Process Tank Integrity Check

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Process Tank Lining & Repairs

Membracon have the ability to design and supply process tanks in a variety of materials, along with suitable lining materials; rubber, PVC FRP, glass flake, and epoxies. In addition to the initial supply, a complete relining service is also available, with the same range of lining materials to suit the application requirements and chemical compatibility of the liquid being contained.
before and after integrity check

Pipework Installation

Membracon also supplies and installs pipework systems including spray systems, carries out modifications and installations. We can offer solvent weld, socket and IR fusion pipework.

Process Tank Spark Testing


Along with the re-lining and repair of process tank linings, Membracon can provide a “spark test” to check an existing lining’s integrity.

Membracon offer a full report on any findings following the “spark test” and can repair any faulty areas giving the customer confidence their process tank is fit for purpose on their production line.


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