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Liquid Solid Separation

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Liquid-solid separation is an effective method to remove contamination and separate solid materials from liquids. The filtration process involves a type of filter media; cartridge, bag, membrane, etc., usually made from a metallic or synthetic material, by which suspended solids are removed from the liquid. Depending on the setup of the manufacturing process, a range of filtration systems can be used for both batch and continuous separation, improving overall efficiency of the process.


As the contaminated liquid passes through the filter, the media blocks the solids from continuing through with the liquid, resulting in two distinctly separated materials. The mechanical force then allows the rest of the liquid to carry on without the suspended solids, ensuring there is no product wasted. Since the process can involve solids with a variety of properties the correct equipment needs to be chosen depending on the density, weight, and size of the solid materials.


Membracon are able to provide a wide range of filtration equipment to suit each individual process requirement.

Solid liquid separation

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