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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Our AI offerings consist of Cloud-based portals for hosting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) verified upon the highest security standard available. These servers are non-exhaustive and can be used upon multiple dimensions for numerous enhancements. Membracon are able to assist in the following capabilities:


  • Updating, storing, transferring and analysing reports, with full compatibility under image, video and quantitative documentation.


  • Remote monitoring of performance to guarantee optimality at all times


  • Automated scheduling & reminders for S&M checks to be sequenced without any hassle

Our AI Online Portals offer a secure platform to enhance convenience & maximise optimal performance of our process solutions during it’s entire shelf life. They are offered across all of our Sustainable Financial Framework models (BOT and BOO).

Membracon BOT model
Membracon BOO model

Our progress within the realms of AI is to bring demonstrable prospects of resiliency solutions to our clients. Resiliency, simply put, is the ability to continue operating at maximum potential, especially during times of disruption.


At first glance, the prospect of using AI may seem both daunting and unnecessary. In a globally competitive world, utilising cutting-edge technology may be the difference that sets you apart from your competition..


We look forward to discussing further with you how AI can be implemented to bring about enhancements to your operations

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