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Membracon are water treatment experts providing solutions to a variety of sectors in the UK and further afield. We understand that every industry has different requirements to maximise their water system’s effectiveness and strive to provide the best water treatment solutions to meet them.

Membracon offer quality filtration and water treatment systems to ensure that establishments throughout these sectors are able to operate to their highest capability with through expert water management. We offer consultancy, training and tailored solutions to match the specific needs of our clients no matter what they are.


In the production, restoration and maintenance of aircraft, there is an inevitably high use of water. 

As one of the fastest developing industries, the need for clean water is growing as investment takes place in the commercial, defence and space exploration divisions of the aerospace sector.

Quality water treatment facilities in this sector are vital to maximise the efficiency of facilities no matter where they are in this industry.

Water UK have produced a document alongside the UK Environment Agency that lays out recommendations for dealing with waste material in water such as chemicals or cleaning agents.

With the correct filtration systems, the chemicals used to shape, clean and restore aircraft can be safely removed from waste water.

Membracon are experts in working with clients from the aerospace sector.

We can consult with clients across the aerospace sector to install water treatment systems that allow for as much water as possible to be properly filtered through systems such as ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis to remove chemicals and put clean water back into the system where it can be used over and over again.

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Whether it’s the manufacturing, sale or maintenance of cars, in the automotive sector water usage is naturally high.

It’s used as part of the production, cleaning and painting of vehicles as well as many other areas demanding high volumes of water.

Membracon have experience working with clients from the automotive sector, working with a variety of issues including those struggling with bacterial infections in their electrodeposition paint tank.

We worked  to provide water treatment solutions that made their paint facilities more efficient.

This was achieved by installing which involved installing a system of UV units that filtered out chemicals and hazardous components to make the water re-useable and recycling it back into the system.

The result was a better quality finish on the cars! 

Wherever you work in this sector, Membracon can provide water treatment solutions that reduce waste, drive efficiency and create an environmentally conscious resolve for your water treatment issues.

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Dairy & Agriculture

Properly treated water is an essential part of keeping cattle’s health at its best.

Healthy cows produce better milk and calves which help to keep the farming and agriculture sector moving.As one of the UKs biggest and most important sectors, the health of the cattle and livestock is vitally important.

To reduce the risk of diseases such as mastitis being spread through pathogens, water treatment systems are vital to keep cattle safe and prevent the spread of infection to a wider population.

Membracon can install water treatment facilities in dairy farms and other agricultural facilities such as reverse osmosis systems to reduce the expenditure required to clean water used around cattle and other animals across the sector.

These systems keep the flow of clean water going at a lower cost to the business and keeps the risk of harmful bacteria down. In the busy dairy and agriculture sector proper water treatment is invaluable!

We can also consult with you to offer training on maintain and managing your systems to keep them consistently operating at their full potential.

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Protective coatings in the finishing part of a construction or manufacturing process can often contain strong chemicals that prevent damage to the products and it’s not unusual that these chemicals require water as part of this process.

To reduce the cost of water requirements in this sector, water treatment facilities being installed can be an invaluable asset to a company, providing clean water that has been recycled back into the system with the harmful chemicals removed.

When installing water treatment facilities into a setting, Membracon can use a variety of membrane systems to separate these chemicals from the water and keep them away from the main water supply.

The refreshed water can then be recycled back into the facility and used again. This offers a more cost-effective solution than simply pouring water down the drain.

Systems such as this are more efficient for costs over a period of time as they reduce the water usage of the plant and save them money which can be reinvested back into new projects and growth.

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Food & Beverage

Water is a huge part of the daily processes required to maintain clean, hygienic working spaces in the food and beverage industry.

It’s part of the sterilisation of kitchens and preparation areas, the cooking process and the cleaning process following this and is vital for keep harmful bacteria away from food and cooking areas that could pose serious health risks to customers and financial and reputation risks to the business if they are not up to standard.

The Food Standards Agency offer strict guidelines on the cleanliness of a food environment and it’s common for water usage to be high.

Membracon are experts are installing water treatment systems within this sector and offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs. 

With the installation of water treatment systems, your food or beverage company could improve the efficiency of your processes using ultrafiltration to clean the water and recycle it back into the system. You’ll maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and improve the overall efficiency of the facility over time.

The benefits of water treatment in the food industry is the refreshing and cleaning of water means it can be put back into the system which lowers costs and saves you time and money in the long run.

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The industrial sector’s water usage is one of the highest for cost and impact on the environment. It is used as part of the production, cleaning, and maintenance of industrial facilities across the sector and is one of the most important parts of many processes involved.

The environmental impact of high water usage can become serious, and businesses are often encouraged to do what they can to provide cleaner ways of working.

Water treatment is one such way.

Membracon’s ceramic filtration water recycling systems can help to reduce the volume of water being wasted by cleaning out the waste products and making the water reusable.

The waste material can be properly disposed of while the clean water can be put back into the main system, this reduces the cost to the business and the impact on the wider environment.

Reverse Osmosis units are also beneficial in this sector as they use semi-permeable membranes to clean water through and making it reusable.

Membracon can install reverse osmosis systems into your facility to create a more environmentally conscious system that is more cost effective for you.

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The chemicals used in the production of medicine and pharmaceutical products such as cleaning agents, veterinary supplies and beauty products are potentially harmful if they are not disposed of correctly.

They can cause serious health risks if they enter the general water system untreated.

With proper water treatment and recycling facilities the water used to produce medical products can be cleaned. The chemicals used as part of the production of medicines and other pharmaceutical products can be removed and properly disposed of one separated from the water.

The clean water can be recycled back into the system where it can be used again without the need for pulling in more water from elsewhere and with the risk of other chemicals being totally removed.

The production of purified water gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to reduce costs across their production processes. They can also create more effective ways of managing wastewater so that the risk to the environment and the general water system is removed.

Membracon are experts at the installation of water treatment facilities across this sector and can also offer training on the upkeep and maintenance of facilities to keep the system in peak condition at all times.

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