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RO Membranes and Systems

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Reverse Osmosis

The Membracon Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems have been designed to assist in the efficient production of clean water from industrial waste water recycling, effluent plants and desalination systems in a multitude of industries; petrochemical, chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical. (link to sectors)

The benefits of the use of these filtration systems include; a reduction in operational expenditure (OpEx), smaller footprint, minimal operation & maintenance requirements, all aiding in a reduction of disposal costs via reuse.

Membracon not only offers a full, bespoke, design & build for the system to suit each customer’s requirements, but can also provide a comprehensive service & maintenance package along with a tailored financing or rental solution.

Reverse Osmosis System


A RO system is a method of producing pure water via raw water passing through a semi-permeable membrane in a direction opposite to that for natural osmosis when it is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure greater than the osmotic pressure.

RO is used for water filtration in a wide range of applications including desalination of seawater and in the production of demineralised water for use in other applications, such as component rinse systems prior to a coating process. The semi-permeable membrane employed for reverse osmosis is capable of rejecting 99.9% of bacteria and is therefore used frequently in the design of pharmaceutical pure water systems.

Membracon offer a wide range of reverse osmosis plants and replacement membranes, along with a  wide range of pre-treatment equipment including softeners, activated carbon filters, and multi-media filters.

A complete product range is available from single RO systems to accommodate 150l/h right up to those capable of 50,000l/h with all the associated pre and post equipment from filters to storage tanks and the interconnecting pipework.

Please contact us for more information and assistance in selecting equipment to best suit your requirements.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Assembly


The membrane assembly consists of a pressure vessel with a membrane that allows feedwater to be pressed against it. The membrane must be strong enough to withstand whatever pressure is applied against it. Reverse-osmosis membranes are made in a variety of configurations, with the two most common configurations being spiral-wound and hollow-fiber.

These Membranes come in a variety of sizes including 1.8”, 2.5” 4” & 8”

We offer a wide range of spares for all types of reverse osmosis membranes and housings.


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