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Water Treatment Experts For The Aerospace

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Water Treatment In The Aerospace Sector

As one of the fastest developing industries today, the aerospace sector is using huge volumes of water on a daily basis as it services projects from the commercial, defence and space exploration backgrounds.

Aerospace water usage is caused by the manufacturing, maintenance and cleaning of aircraft, as well as the running of amenities on board them such as sinks and toilets.

According to Lufthansa, cleaning one commercial aeroplane just four times every year can use up to 13,000 litres of water which, once used, is flushed down the drain taking all the cleaning agents and grime from that process with it.

The chemicals contained in wastewater from this section can have catastrophic consequences for the wider world. There have been cases across the globe where contaminated water from the aerospace sector has caused long-term damage. For example, in Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley, an underground water basin was rendered unusable because of the contamination of chemicals caused by the aerospace sector. The clean-up for this case cost over $21 million. 

Because of the nature of the aerospace industry, a highly precise system is required for all matters around production and cleaning. This goes for the components that make up an aircraft, as well the completed project itself. To reach the high standards required, a high volume of water is required across the sector.


The result is a lot of wastewater being flushed away, as seen in the San Fernando example, which contributes to environmental problems and higher costs to the businesses.


How Can Water Treatment Help?


Installing water treatment facilities into aerospace plants will solve for a cleaner process that will be both environmentally conscious and cost-effective.


A water treatment facility can remove the dirt and chemicals that come from the manufacturing or cleaning of aerospace projects. Once they are separated, the chemicals can be properly disposed of rather than allowed to be washed down the drain. The water can undergo a cleaning process such as reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration to remove any bacteria and to make it fit for reuse. Once clean, the water can be recycled back into the system to be used again.


The benefits of water treatment include the reduction of the company’s environmental footprint and lower operation and maintenance requirements as water is cleaned on-site. This gives the opportunity for companies to market themselves as more environmentally aware and reduces costs to the business over time.


How Can We Help You?


Membracon are experts in the installation and maintenance of water treatment facilities in the aerospace sector. We have over 60 years of knowledge working with water treatment and can bring our expertise and understanding of this complex, but a vitally important, issue to our customers.


We work in partnership with you to offer a solution that best matches the requirements that you lay out to us. Whether this is as part of the commercial, defence or space divisions of the aerospace sector, we are able to bring you solution that is tailored to your needs.


As well as the installation of water treatment products, we also offer:

  • Training
  • Performance surveys
  • Advise on upgrades or modernisations for existing technology
  • Process maintenance
  • Service agreements


Would you like to learn more? Visit our contact page to speak to us and a water treatment expert will be in touch!

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