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Restarting Ultrafiltration systems after an unexpected shutdown

Although many manufacturing continued throughout the crisis, some would have unexpectedly shutdown due to panic and uncertainty. If you need help restarting your Ultrafiltration system after being unexpectedly shutdown, below is some guidance on how best to do and how best to shut down the systems in case of any future emergencies or unexpected events. You can view this as a guide, click here. If you’d prefer to have an expert come to site and review your system or perform…

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Shutting Down And Restarting Your Electrocoating Anolyte Systems

It may be that your company has experienced an unexpected shutdown as times grew uncertain earlier on in the year. Equally you could be suddenly resuming production and need your systems to run smoothly. This blog will run through how to approach restarting your anodes and anolyte systems after being suddenly shut down. You can also view it as a guide, click here. Restarting Anolyte Systems After Unexpected Shutdown Unexpected events may call for plants to be idled or even…

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e-coating VS powder coating - what's the difference - water filtration

Electrocoating (e-coating) and powder coating are both used to apply either paint or a layer of protection to a part. Both processes require the part to be cured at a high temperature. They are often used together in processes such as Industrial manufacturing and radiator production. The way they are applied and the reasoning for application is the main difference between the two processes. There are other ways you can paint a part such as wet spray but we’ll be…

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Water Filtration For E-coating processes - bacteria growth in e-coating

During the electrocoating process there is a mix of chemicals and substances with parts continuously being pulled through the production line. This mix can cause bacteria within the paint tank, jeopardising the quality of the finish. This blog takes a look at how UV light can control bacteria within processes such as e-coating. How Bacteria Grows In Water Bacteria growth is more extensive under the following conditions: Warm Temperature A Low Flow Rate The Absence Of Bacterial Control Solutions The…

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process tanks in electrocoating

It’s common to find lined tanks within the electrocoating industry. Lined tanks are used to protect the integrity of the outer steel tank from the sometimes corrosive chemicals within the pre-treatment process. They can also be used in an e-coat paint bath to protect against voltages leaking to the outer skin. Most process tanks that are lined have been installed a precaution, as a preventative solution to these potential problems. Correctly Lining A Tank Used For Electrocoating Tanks can be…

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anode cells in electrocoating

Electrocoating is a method of applying paint in a paint bath or it’s also referred to as an ecoat tank. Electricity charges the particles to deposit paint equally onto the metallic parts, the charge is determined by voltage and current. This blog takes a look at the use of anodes in E-coating and the different types of anode cells that are available. The Use of Anodes In The E-coating Process Electrocoating (E-coat) paint is the base layer of paint applied…

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Ultrafiltration in the electrocoating process

Technology advancements have progressed membrane filtration systems such as Ultrafiltration (UF), for the better. This blog will take a look at the benefits of these advancements and how innovation has transformed ultrafiltration systems in the electrocoating process. Traditional Ultrafiltration Systems Metal finishing companies have historically used a range of ultrafiltration systems on their production line. The most popular were Abcor UF Systems and Rhone Poulenc units. Abcor Systems In Electrocoating Compared to newer systems, the Abcor systems had a lot…

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How Does E-coating work

How Does E-Coating Work?

Electrocoating, or commonly referred to as E-coating is the method of applying paint to a substrate in a paint bath. To find out more about what electrocoating is click here. The e-coating process can best be described as a cross between plating and painting. Read on to find out how e-coating works and how water is part of the electrocoating process. How Does E-Coating Work? The coating materials such as resins, pigments, additives are dispersed in water and circulated in…

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what is electrocoating - water in electrocoating

What Is Electrocoating?

Electrocoating is used globally with many of the items you use on a daily basis being painted using this process.  This blog will run through exactly what electrocoating is and a brief overview of the electrocoating process.    What Is Electrocoating? Electrocoating, sometimes known as e-coating, is a method of applying paint to a substrate in a paint bath, sometimes known as an e-coat tank. Electricity charges the particles to deposit paint equally onto the metallic parts, the charge is…

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water reduction strategies in manufacturing

Get Your Free Industrial Water Guide Download The Guide To Water Filtration In Industrial Processes The need for manufacturing companies to reduce waste is more paramount today than ever. As a society we are becoming more conscious of waste and harming the environment through incorrect disposals. Reducing water is not only better for the environment but can save you money and drive down operating costs. How To Reduce Water Usage In Manufacturing Many manufacturers can’t compromise when it comes to…

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