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Forward Osmosis

A Comprehensive Guide to Forward Osmosis

Forward osmosis (FO) is an innovative water treatment technology that uses a semipermeable membrane and natural osmotic pressure to separate pure water from contaminants and produce a clean water supply.   How...

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Membracon Filtration System

Finding the Perfect Filtration System

‘Water Filtration’ is a term that refers to the filtration of impurities, contaminants, and chemicals from any water source to improve its quality and make it fit for its intended...

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Understanding Effluent

Understanding Effluent

Effluent is a byproduct of wastewater after its treatment. It is commonly known as 'trade water'. Effluent is produced and discharged by any industrial or commercial premises into the natural...

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What is Sludge, and How is it treated?

Sludge is a by-product of the wastewater treatment process, consisting of organic and inorganic solids suspended in water. Sludge treatment entails various processes and techniques depending on the sludge’s source and...

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