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Water Treatment Experts For The Finishing

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Water Treatment For The Finishing Sector

The finishing part of a production process can be one of the most demanding in terms of the volume of water that it requires, depending on the industry. Certain industries have higher demands for finishing than others, however, in order to ensure that the end result of the product is up to the best possible standard, it’s inevitable that the usage of water will be very high.


Depending on the nature of the finishing process, whether it’s chemical, mechanical or a smart finish, there will be certain products such as oils or substances that end up in the wastewater. This can also include metals and paint residue. The proper removal of these products is vital to prevent damage to the environment through the contamination of local water supplies once it’s left the plant.


Research has shown that the finishing stage of a production process can use more water than other stages prior to this altogether. This is particularly true in other sectors such as the automotive sector where the paint and finishing stage can dominate the volume of water used by a facility.


Poor quality water going through a system not only affects the environment; it can affect the quality of the finished product. Here at Membracon, we have worked with clients who have seen the result of a clean water system improve the finished quality of a product and look to bring this to more clients as we work alongside them to promote better water treatment.


The Benefits Of Water Treatment Solutions


A water treatment solution being added to your finishing processes can help to improve the efficiency of your business. This should be part of your pre-finishing stages such as setting up and preparing chemicals and equipment, the process itself and the clean up of the tools that you’ve used and the working area afterward. There are cost benefits to this as it will create a more efficient working system for your team and mean that there is a lower financial output for water from your side.


How Can Membracon Help You?



Membracon can help you to improve the cost of water in your finishing processes by installing a water recycling facility that is equipped to remove the harmful substances from the wastewater so that they can be properly disposed of. The left-over water can be treated using a number of processes depending on your requirements such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration of UV bacteria control to make the water fit for reuse. Using the membrane systems that we install; the removed chemicals will be kept away from the main water supply; giving you a more efficient way of managing your water.


The benefit to you is that your water costs and environmental footprint will be reduced as there is less contaminated water being generated over time thanks to the recycling facilities installed into your processes.


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