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Membracon in the International Market

Membracon have supplied the International market for nearly 20 years with a wide range of processes and applications.


We work with OEM’s, end users, agents and distributors in countries Worldwide in a variety of different sectors.


Via our Netherlands office we cover all of Central Europe with membrane solutions and equipment.


Our UK branch covers the Rest of the World including projects undertaken in Malaysia, India, Australia, Thailand, Turkey and China. Agents and distributors in some of these countries can assist in any of your requirements.

We offer membrane systems for all types of Water Treatment applications and these and utilised in various Continents around the World.


Clean & dirty water are relevant in every country and so we have systems that can assist in any issues you may have.


This can include clean water production, removal of dangerous chemicals from water supplies to make it fit for human consumption or dirty water recycling.

Environmental impacts throughout the World are more pertinent than ever and water production, re-use and disposal has never been more important.


Would you like to learn more? Visit our contact page to speak to us and a water treatment expert will be in touch!


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Membracon support the world’s biggest names in manufacturing to provide clean water solutions. 

Discover how the very latest in water treatment technology can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity.