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Water Treatment Experts For The Automotive

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Water Treatment For The Automotive Sector

The automotive industry has one of the highest levels of water usage across many other sectors. It is used a key element of the entire process of producing, maintaining and cleaning a vehicle and the components that comprise them.


Automotive World wrote that producing just one average sized car requires over 39,000 gallons of water. However, this can vary depending on whether the tyres are factored into the consideration or not.


When you consider that there are an average of 70 million cars produced globally every year, that is a lot of water being used in just one sector.


In the production stages of creating a vehicle, water usage is at it’s highest. The wastewater that manufacturing a car takes can contain metals, oils and grease and harmful chemicals from paint residue. These products can cause long-term damage to the environment and can be dangerous if they enter the main water system.

The most extensive use of water in automotive production is the paint application process. Automotive World wrote that as well as the high amount of water used to paint a car “processing equipment must be cleaned regularly with water” as well to avoid colour contamination.

Elsewhere in the automotive sector, the car cleaning division used huge volumes of water. Assuming that one car washing company cleans 100 cars a day they will use over 2.5 million gallons of water every year. All of this water, containing soaps, cleaning agents and the dirt, salt and grime that comes from cleaning a car, gets washed down the drain where it can contaminate local water sources.

Installing Water Treatment Solutions

Because of the growing concerns regarding water usage across the automotive sector, many businesses are looking for a long-term, sustainable solution that will help them to reduce the volume of water being wasted. By installing a water treatment solution into your automotive plan can have a drastic impact on the environmental footprint being generated by your water usage and, over time, reduce costs to the business in the long term.

Water can be treated to have hazardous chemicals removed and then be recycled back into the plant so that there is less water being washed away down the drain. The water can be reused once it’s clean and the waste products that have been removed from it can be disposed of, rather than just flushed away. For businesses looking to convey a more responsible water-practice mentality, this can be highly beneficial.

How Can Membracon Help You?

Here at Membracon, we have experience working with clients throughout the automotive industry to drive the efficiency of their water practices as part of car manufacturing processes. We have worked with clients from high profile backgrounds to install ultraviolet units that removed bacteria from the water as part of the paint process. This meant that water could be reused without the high levels of bacteria which then created a smoother finish on the cars when paint was applied.

Working in close consultation with you, we can provide a water treatment solution that suits your needs and offer guidance and training to ensure a smooth operation at all times, including training new employees to understand the requirements of your water treatment facility.

Would you like to learn more? Visit our contact page to speak to us and a water treatment expert will be in touch!

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