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Spare parts

Membracon supply high-quality spare parts to numerous industry sectors, ensuring that water treatment technologies continue to operate at peak performance.

About Us

We are a leading provider of comprehensive water treatment solutions, specialising in the design and implementation of cutting-edge water systems.

At Membracon, our mission is to be at the forefront of advancing water treatment technologies, contributing to sustainability goals of industries worldwide, providing innovative, customised solutions that enhance operational efficiency.

Market industries

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"The service received from membracon has been second to none" - Matthew Douglas

Design & Build

We are market leaders in technology for Liquid-Solid Separation, Clean Water Recycling & Deionisation.

Service & Maintenance

We are able to offer a selection of service agreements and equipment maintenance programs.


We can do a complete system review & report on the current function to ensure system stability.

Spare parts

Membracon is available for complete spares, replacement and service agreements.

Latest News

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Advancing Water Management: Introducing Forward Osmosis

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