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The Impact Of Global Water Issues

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The Impact Of Global Water Issues

The Impact Of Global Water Issues

40% of the worlds inhabitants are adversely impacted by water related issues. If nothing changes, it is estimated that the figure will rise to half of the global population by 2050.

Despite over 70% of the world being covered by water, water scarcity, quality and treatment are major problems that many have yet to have gotten round to resolving.

Current Global Water Issues

Membracon, being a well-established industry leader in water systems, have been made alert to the major endemic occurring throughout the globe.

To paint a picture of the suffering population all over the world:

  1. In Cambodia, less than a fifth of the rural population have access to safe drinking water within their households.
  2. Over 52 million inhabitants in Nigeria lack access to a water supply. Over 26% of the population face consequences of sanitation, food, security, health and standard of living.
  3. Approximately a third of all children under five suffer from stunting. The countries range from Yemen and Bangladesh to Mozambique, Niger, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Stunting is a dangerous result of malnutrition that was associated with 53% of the deaths related to infectious diseases in developing countries.

    The quality of water drunk by the children is vital for nutrient absorption, which in turn helps to reduce or worsen malnutrition and stunting.

  4. One third of primary schools in Laos have a lack of toilet or water closet features, making attendance in these schools inconvenient and uncomfortable.

How The Correct Water Treatment Can Help


Despite the vast progression in technology, innovation and development, there are still a huge proportion of the population having to play “catch-up” with the rest of the world that continues to develop.

Water is needed for all aspects of human life. From the most basic necessities of washroom and drinking features, to more complex effluent treatment systems used in select industries.

Regardless of its use, there is always a need for the water systems in place to be specifically made to ensure it can combat the problem with the upmost efficiency.

For the water drinking related issues, both the Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration systems can adjusted to safely process that would otherwise be unsafe water into clean and healthy drinking water that can be consumed without any change in taste.

Membrane process characteristics reverse osmois nanofiltration ultrafiltration

Water Treatment Solutions

The above diagram illustrates how different water systems of Membracon work to purify and process water.

Reverse Osmosis, as seen above, is the most effective in providing water in its purest form.

In cases where absolutely pure water is required, be it for consumption or in extended use and for industrial use where the water needs to be neutral in charge, RO works perfectly to fulfil this goal.

Both Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration purify the water to the extent of ions.

Ions enriched water can prove beneficial in providing communities that would otherwise remain malnourished, with much needed ion nutrients such as potassium, iron and sodium.

As the world drives its focus towards worldwide sustainable development, the United Nations have produced the Sustainable Development Goals, known as the SDGs.

The SDGs are targets given for a range of developing countries throughout the globe to attain by the year 2030.

The sixth SDG focuses on providing “clean water and sanitation” in all countries under the agreement.

This means that while there is a large part of the world that is suffering from water related issues, there has been an increased drive and focus put in place to help target and solve the problems once and for all.

Membracon provide solutions towards industrialisation and cutting edge technology for resilience and prosperity. We are also committed to the worldwide endeavour to end the ongoing water endemic.

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