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Technology advancements have progressed membrane filtration systems such as Ultrafiltration (UF), for the better. This blog will take a look at the benefits of these advancements and how innovation has transformed ultrafiltration systems in the electrocoating process. Traditional Ultrafiltration Systems Metal finishing companies have historically used a range of ultrafiltration systems on their production line. The most popular were Abcor UF Systems and Rhone Poulenc units. Abcor Systems In Electrocoating Compared to newer systems, the Abcor systems had a lot…

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How does commercial ultrafiltration work, wastewater management recycling water | Membracon | Wolverhampton | West Midlands

Get Your Free Industrial Water Guide Commercial ultrafiltration uses standard low pressure to push water through a membrane to filter out contaminants, bacteria, viruses and parasites whilst retaining minerals in the water. Ultrafiltration is implemented commercially in a variety of ways, small kits can be installed under your sink at home to improve the quality of drinking water from your tap. It’s also used in a much larger scale providing remote villages, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to, clean drinking…

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