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Membracon have partners throughout the world, including representation in the countries below

The Coosur plant in Jaén in Spain required a full retrofit and upgrade to their SBR process plant to make their working processes more efficient. Membracon worked alongside them to install a solution that helped them to increase their treatment capabilities and to allow them to reuse treated water in the production of olive oil.
In a joint initiative between Membracon Clean Water Solutions UK and Hindutva Abhiyan, we are working to solve drinking water problems in the remote areas across the inland areas of India. Together, a detailed plan was drawn up to aid community relations to empower those from small communities across Maharashtra. Using a social-economic model, Hindutva Abhiyan and Membracon have worked to help in providing drinking water and eradicating diseases in water and protect ecology across the country.
The Southern Taiwan Science Park at Chia Nan University required full-scale MBR membrane modules as part of a detailed trial being run by the university’s Department of Environmental Engineering and Science. The challenge was wastewater at temperatures of 16-28˚C and between 800 and 12,000 mg/L COD concentration. Membracon worked alongside the university to install a water treatment solution including a buffer tank and process and membrane tanks.
Working with a wastewater treatment plant for a multinational pharmaceutical plant in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China, Membracon were able to provide a solution to the issue of excessive industrial effluent that needed to be treated. Making use of the existing concrete tanks, Membracon used anaerobic pre-treatment with a UASfB and an aerobic treatment based on Valorsabio’s Jet-Loop System© to meet client needs and install a successful water treatment facility.






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