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Global Issues: Membracon’s Success In Cambodia

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Global Issues: Membracon’s Success In Cambodia

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We have recently returned from a second visit to Cambodia, and are proud to announce the progressions made with the Royal Group, the Cambodia Water supply and Association (CWA) and the Asian Vision Institute.

The trip helped to link and build a similar understanding between various groups who all share a passion for bringing sustainable development for the people of Cambodia.

The groups, while differing in skillsets and ability all carry their own unique assets to the table.

They will prove to be instrumental in carrying forward Membracon’s endeavour of contributing towards the global cause of ending the water crisis that continues to impact over two billion people at this present moment.

This is a major step in the right direction for Cambodia with high ambitions and expected outcomes between these major players and Membracon. 

Collaboration With Royal Group

The Royal Group last year were responsible for 15% of the total GDP in the whole of Cambodia.

The fact that they accounted for one in seven transactions made in Cambodia is testament to their skillsets in entrepreneurship. They have excelled in providing the nations needs in a variety of consumer and business to business industries.

The Royal Group have also entered into the energy sector, having contributed towards the production of Cambodia’s largest Hydroelectric Dam.

As the Royal Group continue with their entrepreneurial efforts, Membracon are collaborating with them to engage in large scale water operations throughout Cambodia.

Membracon Water Filtration Experts

Centre of Photo – Left to right: Kith Meng (Chairman of Royal Group) & Jas Sohl of Membracon

This collaboration serves to utilise the shared ambition of providing adequate water solutions into a synergy that’ll bring swift and productive measures for the various projects that are needed in Cambodia.

The Royal Group have the willingness and ambition that’ll make the collaborative efforts a sure success.


Collaboration With Cambodian Water Supply And Association (CWA)

In 2015, Cambodia was ranked “lower-middle income status” by the UN. Despite sustaining high growth levels for the last two decades, the country still has major issues in human development.

Cambodia currently has low urbanisation, to find out more read our blog on Global Issues: Cambodia’s Water Crisis. This means that the rural population is large and lagging behind in a variety of human necessities. Prime to these necessities is focal to Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS).

The current socio-economic condition of Cambodia demands the need for high-tech technology to bring solutions towards Water Supply and Sanitation purposes. In Cambodia, CWA are the leading organisation for bringing this change to the most needed rural locations.

CWA have a stronghold in Cambodia, having operations in 65% of all of the water projects being carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft (MIH).


Being one of the largest private water suppliers, the CWA have a well-established expertise in understanding the ecological and demographic context of the rural Cambodian population.

Their comprehensive level of understanding is needed for Membracon to carry out joint ventures tactfully in Cambodia.

Where Membracon Comes In

A formal collaboration has been met between CWA and Membracon in the transfer of innovative technologies, such as the Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF), Ceramic Filtration and MBR Systems.

The technologies mentioned are all capable of providing clean, safe and tasteless drinking water.

This means that Membracon are able to adapt their range of products effortlessly towards Cambodia’s priority of bringing Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) needs, while remaining comfortable in the water industry.

A formal collaboration has been met between CWA and Membracon in the form of an MOU agreement. Membracon pledge to bring their range of innovative technologies towards the water projects that the CWA have on tender.

Upon examination it seems that many of the technologies on offer by Membracon are perfectly suited to bringing WSS solutions for Cambodia.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is capable of eliminating 99% of all bacteria in water, including the removal of ions and metals while unaffecting the taste of the water.

Ultra-Filtration (UF) has been found to stop the growth and hunt down the production of pathogens, such as E.coli, which is the most commonly found pathogen in Cambodian water.

The Ceramic Membrane Systems are the most recent innovation to be offered by Membracon. These systems are mechanically simplistic and robust, requiring only electricity to power the whole system.

Cambodia, having a large gap in energy infrastructure educational development may find any of the Membracon systems to be perfectly suited for providing healthy drinking water in the present circumstances.

Technologies mentioned above will be instrumental in assisting the CWA in their efforts to tackle the vast issues of WSS that impact 15 million Khmer nationals in the rural region.

Completing The Picture With The Asian Vision Institute (AVI)

AVI are the cultural and intellectual powerhouse of Cambodia, bolstering a team of high-level postgraduates from the top worldwide universities.

All with the desire to bring their knowledge and academic know-how into real life applications.

Completing The Picture With The Asian Vision Institue -Membracon

The AVI has signed a MOU partnership with Membracon partners CEI of India. Left to right: Chheang Vannarith (president of AVI) & Jas Sohl of Membracon

Together they will work on providing human economic development with the implementation of the 10 verticals that CEI have previously found success in their domestic grounds throughout India.

The AVI team consist largely of Khmer nationals, all of whom have returned from either international studies or high-profile careers. The AVI have one priority; to connect people, knowledge and action.

Group Picture Membracons

This collaboration with AVI will bring Membracon the intricate and sensitive understandings of the population itself.

Beyond numbers, facts and figures, it is extremely important to understand the wants, desires and motivations of the people whom Membracon are planning to undergo operations within.

Working with the AVI will prove important ensuring the efforts done by Membracon are sustainable and bring resiliency economics solutions.


While each partnership differs in their characteristics and strengths brought to the table, we all share the same vision of seeing Cambodia develop as a nation, to breakthrough their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and prosper into a middle-income country by 2030.

Membracon wishes to work towards the universal ambition of resolving the water crisis worldwide by 2030.

With such high aspirations, it is important to find and partner with like-minded people and groups. Thus, the efforts in Cambodia will be influential in the future operations of Membracon in the near future.

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