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Get Your Free Industrial Water Guide Download The Guide To Water Filtration In Industrial Processes We have recently returned from a second visit to Cambodia, and are proud to announce the progressions made with the Royal Group, the Cambodia Water supply and Association (CWA) and the Asian Vision Institute. The trip helped to link and build a similar understanding between various groups who all share a passion for bringing sustainable development for the people of Cambodia. The groups, while differing…

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Get Your Free Industrial Water Guide Download The Guide To Industrial Water Filtration   Dependent on your raw water, many different industrial water filtration systems can be used to remove impurities, solids and chemicals. Reverse osmosis is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the fact it can remove more than most other systems. Sometimes a combination of systems are used, this depends on the quality of the water you have, and the quality you need to achieve for your…

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Why Is Reverse Osmosis Water A Green Solution For Industrial Water Treatment | Membracon | West Midlands | Wolverhampton

Get Your Free Industrial Water Guide Industrial wastewater is a major culprit of water pollution. This is because companies are disposing of wastewater incorrectly without treating or managing it first. Reverse osmosis purifies the wastewater before it goes to drain, making for a green water solution that meets water regulations. RO uses no chemicals to treat wastewater, just cleverly designed membranes. Help Save Nature advises that large-scale industries operate their own on site treatment systems to reduce the amount of pollutants, such…

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