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How Can Smart Technology Be Used In Water Solutions

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Smart technology in water filtration - wastewater treatment recycling water

How Can Smart Technology Be Used In Water Solutions

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Membracon are looking to expand their smart technology offerings, capabilities and partnerships to continue to provide cutting-edge technologies in water treatment.

With the rise of global networking and trading, machinery and technology are becoming more integrated than ever before. However, the rise in the market creates an advance in competition.

Seeking out the most efficient and cost effective mechanisms for industries of all sectors is vital.

Companies across all sectors are looking for less conventional tools to bring further benefits. Not only to ensure they stand out from their competitors but to make the process of managing machinery smoother.


Where Is Smart Technology Currently Being Used In Water Treatment?


Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology exists to provide more convenient forms of water purification and supply.

Smart technology will become increasingly relevant within industrial purposes. Membracon offer smart technology in a range of forms including:

What Is Smart Technology?

The word ‘smart’ originally comes from the acronym “self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology”.

As people become more reliant on their smart phones they demand the technology to be able to control machinery remotely. Appliances such as pumps, air conditioning, ovens, lighting, security systems and more already have this capability.

As life is made easier at home through smart technology, society expect the same level of intelligence on machinery in the workplace.

The way of living is changing, companies are being continuously pressured to be more environmentally friendly and work smarter.

Below is an example of how smart technology can be used in conjunction with water treatment.

Smart sensing for water treatment

What Makes Smart Technology Unique?

Smart technology brings focus towards integrating business practises together.

Integration offers the opportunity to understand, evaluate and synergies the different stages of production, execution and servicing to offer a complete package.

Smart technology differs from standard technology by using cutting-edge innovative features that work to bring benefits in both niche and broad scales. 

What Are The Benefits To Using Smart Technology In Water Solutions ?

Smart technology can make your management of water treatment much more efficient.

By accessing all the information from the machines remotely, you can always be in the loop with progress on site, even when you’re not there.

Below are a few examples of smart technology in software applications.

PLC Plug and Play

The PLC Plug and Play is software that can be integrated to allow a seamless and near-autonomous production process to continue.

The Plug and Play features Wi-Fi compatible software, allowing control and oversight of various variables to be seen from a tablet such as an iPad.  

Smart Platform

Membracon has a technology platform that allows for capturing and publishing a versatile range of data, from audio, video and images to documents and other types of written files. The data is uploaded onto a cloud based platform where it is time-stamped and with the option to add feedback to the content.

This makes Membracon’s technology platform perfect for evaluative purposes in production, manufacturing and servicing a range of water systems.



Initially the idea of ‘smart technology’ may sound futuristic and insignificant. However humans have forever adapted, invented and innovated towards solving issues.

Think to the phones you’ve had over the last 20 years, chances are you now have an iPhone, Samsung or another leading smart phone brand.

If you didn’t adapt and change with the times, you’d be at a disadvantage. Make sure your company doesn’t suffer by missing this significant advancement in smart technology.

Membracon plan to lead the way with smart technologies in water treatment solutions. Get in touch today to find out how your company can benefit from smarter water solutions.

Call us on 01902 458 501 or fill in a contact form today here.

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