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Grassroot Engineering

Membracon > Grassroot Engineering

Grassroots movements are incepted by the people who live in such areas to be impacted and focal to the project. Grassroots projects are made to ensure concerns that only inhabitants would be aware of. With this tacit and intimate experience, efforts and resources can be effectively utilised to bring revisions, changes and upgradations that are wholly accepted by the communities.


Membracon believe in the power of Grassroots projects as an essential mechanism for impact development tying up with transformative trade opportunities. Both of which, contribute towards the sustainable long term development of impacted communities and the globe at whole.

Grassroots Collaborative Partners:


AACE – EI UK (Get logo from archives or Jayne)


CEI – India (Logo should be available)


AVI – Cambodia (Logo should be online)


Joseph Foundation – Nigeria (Jas should have logo / information)

Membracon continue to explore the possibilities of tying up Grassroots contribution along with Carbon credit attainments, that can be used to bring tax enhancements across to our clients.

We would be delighted to discuss the above with you at a moment’s notice…