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Case Study: Waste Water Solutions In UK

Membracon > Case Studies > Case Study: Waste Water Solutions In UK

Sterile Mains Water Filtration Application for Symprove Ltd.

Membracon UK has come up with a highly efficient water filtration application for a renowned food supplement producer, Symprove Ltd.


Initially, Symprove was using large amounts of energy to produce their supplement. They used boiled water to provide a sterile base for the final product. This process was highly heat-inefficient and incurred a huge cost to the company.


Membracon extensively analysed the requirements of Symprove Ltd. It proposed to filter the mains water before introducing the same into the production process. This sterile water was later added to a small amount of heated water. The entire volume was enough to form the end product. The production of sterile mains water helped to reduce the requirement for the heated water. In turn, it saved energy and overall cost.



How does the Sterile Mains Filtration System work?

The filtration system proposed by Membracon is composed of three stainless steel sanitary housings, each containing three filter cartridges in a cascading filter arrangement.


The setup was to produce sterile water through the following steps:

  1. The mains water was first fed into the filter cartridge sized at five microns.
  2. It was later passed through the next housing containing one-micron cartridges.
  3. Finally, it went through the last housing of the arrangement containing 0.2 microns bacterial validated cartridges.


After passing through the filter cartridges, the water is subjected to anti-microbial treatment. An UltraViolet System is employed to make sure that all traces of the bacteria are eliminated from the feed water. This contaminant-free, sterile water becomes suitable for use in the product manufacturing process.

Employing Sterile Mains System at Symprove:

The system arrangement was agreed and manufacturing commenced at the end of 2021. The whole system was installed and commissioned at the beginning of 2022.


Currently, it is undergoing tests for water quality assurance. Membracon is confident that the system will provide sterile water for use in the production of the end product. Moreover, it could be used throughout the manufacturing facility as a clean source of water for washing down the production equipment.


It is envisaged that by using this sterile water in the manufacturing of the product, more than 50% of the energy requirements could be cut down. This becomes possible as the need for heated water consumption is dramatically reduced. Membracon is hopeful that the system would bring down the cost significantly. Moreover, the process is energy-efficient, reducing the pressure on natural resources.


Membracon is a global leader in the industrial water treatment sector, providing solutions and technology to world-class manufacturing businesses on every continent.



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For more information on the products offered by Symprove Ltd., take a look at their website

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