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White Paper for AI backed infrastructure: Data Portal

Membracon > White Paper for AI backed infrastructure: Data Portal


This proposal has the ambition to identifying and creating sustainable resiliency solutions of international development, starting in the UK.

The creation of the Data Portals for our clients aims to implement Artificially Driven (AI) competence Framework Driven Resiliency Solutions and Advanced Strategic Solutions towards Trade and Development in-line with the completion of the Clean Water and Sanitation Global Sustainable Goal (SDG), which is one of the 17 SDGs issued by the UN to be achieved by 2030.

Data Portal


  1. MembraconLtd – Will be owners of the portal and the proprietors moving forward with operations
  2. Industry – Clients of Membracon whom will have access, administration, usage and rights over use, modality and the opportunity to upload and download the data portal.
  3. Academia & Innovation Teams – Looking to increase collaboration to help commercialise their cutting-edge technology and innovations, with the portal.




  1. To provide a portal that brings match-making solutions towards a range of stakeholders, including the clients of Membracon, it’s team and individual users’ requirements, the national & international water utility, government officials and any other stakeholders.
  2. To improve the efficacy in effective development and trade within the UK and beyond
  3. To allow users to gain a more direct route to market, with the opportunity for buyers to upload their requirements for potential future project.
  4. To bring cutting-edge benefits to the users of remote access, transfer, feedback and evaluation of data and remote monitoring, which, coupled with AI integration technology, serves to provide resiliency solutions for the strategic long-term.

Phase 1


Phase 1 begins with the establishment of a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosted within a secure data centre, with the ability of being scalable to grow with programme requirements.


This would allow members to upload and access a dynamic variety of information from reports, images, videos… allowing for an ease in communications between various members within the organisation / business. 


The Buyers would need login credentials, that would lead to a dedicated page within the portal which would be set up bespoke for each Buyer. There is the possibility then of creating a summary page for the buyers that gives a standard set of information, such as:

  • Images, documents and other reports (data sheets, case studies i.e.)
  • Videos
  • Comments and scheduled meetings involving Membracon



The structure would continue with a :


  • Secure user login, to be accessed via Hyperlink Tab/Button on Membracon’s website, leading onto the VPS credentials validation page.
  • Administrator levels to be set up
  • User access levels, this is to be agreed and set up as required by Membracon administrators. This will prove to be functional as the system develops and scales up and more controls are required.
  • Set up of Back-end Data structure/Data fields – Below is a brief overview but will need input from all stakeholders, the list is not exhaustive.
  • Members once logged in on the system would be directed to the ‘Home’ page, this would be populated with new potential projects from buyers and any news or other information that they wish to upload. From the ‘Home’ page there would be a button to then take the members to their own dedicated page.
  • Each or the members page will have a Key word search facility to search any requirements in specific.



Phase 2.


Phase 2 would be the implementation of AI and auto reporting features. This could be used for auto reporting on progress of any projects that have been won by members as a direct result of the portal. All other AI functionalities would need to be set out and agreed by Membracon.


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