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Wastewater Treatment

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Cost-effective, sustainable wastewater treatment systems you can trust.


Membracon develops safe, sustainable wastewater treatment technologies with a comprehensive design and deployment service.

We will assess your wastewater treatment plant to size and specify treatment systems that meet capacity. We can also optimise all existing treatment chemistries to yield performance improvements across the plant.


Your wastewater treatment systems will maximise cost savings and reduce waste, helping you meet environmental targets while maximising operational efficiency.


We offer various solutions for grey water, industrial wastewater, effluent and sewage treatment, including:

  • Reverse osmosis to remove inorganic matter
  • Ultrafiltration to filter solids
  • Liquid filters for media, colour and taste
  • UV treatment to kill bacteria and viruses
  • Biofiltration to consume organic contaminants


Whether you need to treat industrial wastewater for reuse in other processes or convert sewage into drinking water, Membracon provides optimal solutions with green engineering to mitigate your environmental footprint. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your requirements – advice is free!

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water pollution wastewater

Industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater is saturated with organic and inorganic pollutants. Depending on the source, these could be metals, oils, greases, pesticides, fertilisers and mine tailings. Treatment is a matter of breaking down contaminants and removing them. Anaerobic treatment, clarification, and filtration are the core processes, with Ultrafiltration performing the critical role of removing solids from concentrated streams.


Effluent treatment

Purifying effluent for reuse or release is possible irrespective of the contaminants. We can take effluent from industrial processes, recover precious materials, and extract water for purification. The recovered water is typically purified with reverse osmosis to remove chemical and biological contamination. Sludges are treated with digestion techniques to reduce the amount of organic matter in the solids.  

Grey water treatment

Grey water can be saturated in chemicals, detergents, oils, fats and organic material. It can be treated and recycled with a Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR), a chemical-free machine that combines biofiltration with carbon filters to remove organic and inorganic contaminants. MBRs can treat high-loaded grey water on an industrial scale, yielding high-quality purified water suitable for use in industrial processes.

Wastewater Treatment

Sewage treatment

Sewage is primarily treated in holding tanks where solids settle at the bottom and fats and oils collect at the top. Biodegradation with aeration and added bacteria helps eliminate organic matter from the sewage. Water is then extracted from the sewage and treated with reverse osmosis and Ultrafiltration. Membracon assists with designing complete sewage treatment systems for primary, secondary and tertiary stages.

Get FREE Advice On The Latest Water Treatment Technology

Membracon support the world’s biggest names in manufacturing to provide clean water solutions. 

Discover how the very latest in water treatment technology can help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

Why choose Membracon?


Membracon’s water treatment systems are proven in the field. Our engineers will size and specify the best solutions for your requirements and work with you to optimise treatment in the future, helping you meet evolving treatment demands.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Industry-leading engineering
  • Eco-friendly technologies
  • Automated machines
  • Complete surveys and reports
  • Sustainable Financial Frameworks
  • Service and maintenance packages

Above all else, Membracon provides expert advice at all project stages. You can call on us anytime for help with wastewater treatment.