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Water Treatment Solutions

Membracon offer a variety of water treatment solutions to all manner of issues. We can supply process equipment for clean water, dirty water, bacterial control and water recycling for all your environmental needs.

Our effluent treatment systems range from traditional equipment through to new innovative technology that in 2017 has won awards in various countries.

We aim to work with our clients to provide professional, technical and cost effective water treatment solutions.

Water recycling for a conscious effort to preserve and protect the environment has been key with Membracon for some years now. We offer membrane systems that can take your existing dirty process water and treat it to reintegrate it back into the larger production process.

We have worked within the Automotive and Aerospace industries to apply this method successfully by taking the solution within the rinse tanks, contaminated with a variety of chemicals and suspended solids and separating the water from the concentrate. This can then be re-used within the process.

Within these systems we utilize our standard filtration products such as multimedia filters, cartridge & bag filters as well as carbon filters and water softeners.

UltraViolet (UV) dosing can be used within the water treatment process for any unwanted bacteria that are present. We utilise environmentally friendly, chemical free UV systems that can be basic stand-alone systems or fully automated depending upon the customers requirements.

Depending upon what type of water treatment is required Membracon can offer a range of spiral wound reverse osmosis systems that can also be integrated with ultrafiltration units. The UF units can be both spiral would, hollow fibre and also ceramic depending on the solution to be treated.

Membracon offer pilot plants and can assist in onsite trials if necessary.

With the technologies we have to hand and partner companies we work with, we can also offer innovative wastewater treatment solutions such as the The Downflow Gas Contactor Reactor (DGC)

The (DGC) has evolved from a concept of contacting a continuous liquid phase with a dispersed gas phase. It is a co-current down flow reactor providing the most efficient Mass Transfer System for Gas. This can be used for gas absorption, effluent treatment and chemical reactions.

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