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Over the past 16 Years,  Membracon have become the market leaders and a Tier 1 supplier  for the key components in the finishing sector, with our products widely used in the automotive and Areospace industries. Membracons core business has always been the electrocoat plant and equipment, and with our vast knowledge and expertise we pride ourselves on being able to provide our tubular anode cells, rectifiers, and ultrafiltration units and membranes into those markets. We believe that the product we supply will enable your plant to run at the maximum efficiency while also you giving you the best quality product possible.

As times have moved on and we are all looking at ways to save money, the use of Reverse Osmosis Systems and Ultraviolet Bacterial control systems are beginning to be more widely used.
Gone are the times when companies were using biocide to control the bacterial growth within their process tanks. Now with the much more environmentally friendly option of installing an inline ultraviolet bacterial control system to give you better quality result with non of the risks of using strong acids.
The same goes for Reverse Osmosis systems, if you require high quality, pure water, Demin units were your only option. With Membracon being able to supply bespoke Reverse Osmosis systems you no longer have the risk of acids and alkalis on your factory floor, no longer waiting for the regeneration cycle to be completed. With our reverse osmosis systems using the same membrane technology as our Ultrafiltration units, and using only a high pressure pump, you can have all the high quality, pure water you require with non of the hazardous risks of a Demin System.

With high strength chemicals being the only answer to control issues in the past, Membracon can also provide tank lining and repairs. We also offer a process tank spark test to check the integrity of your existing lining or we could offer you a complete replacement tank to suit your requirements.

At Membracon we pride ourselves on our products being the best quality, for the best price, to give you the best results.

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