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how can water treatment companies help to reduce the impact on the environment

Larger organisations have a social responsibility to ensure waste products and chemicals are disposed of correctly. As large quantities of water and products are used in manufacturing processes, the impact they have on the environment is huge. Due to the seriousness of incorrect wastewater disposal, companies saw fines of an average of £440,000 in 2017 with the added risk of imprisonment. Water companies are creating awareness around this issue, providing an environmentally friendly solution. How Do Companies Benefit From Correctly…

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difference between microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration | wastewater filtration reverse osmosis water | Membracon | Wolverhampton West Midlands

The main difference between microfiltration, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration is the pore size of the membrane. With each different filtration process a variety of elements get either blocked or pass through with the water. Below is a diagram to demonstrate this. Reverse osmosis is the only water filtration procedure to remove all elements completely, leaving just pure water, proving popular in the pharmaceuticals sector. Each filtration process has the same procedure, water passes through a semipermeable membrane, depending on the pore…

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How does commercial ultrafiltration work, wastewater management recycling water | Membracon | Wolverhampton | West Midlands

  Commercial ultrafiltration uses standard low pressure to push water through a membrane to filter out contaminants, bacteria, viruses and parasites whilst retaining minerals in the water. Ultrafiltration is implemented commercially in a variety of ways, small kits can be installed under your sink at home to improve the quality of drinking water from your tap. It’s also used in a much larger scale providing remote villages, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to, clean drinking water. What Is Ultrafiltration?  …

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Manage And Treat Industrial Wastewater

Modern membrane technologies allow for the treatment of industrial wastewater solutions to be managed by an all in one system. Dependent on the water issue and the quality of water you want to achieve, multiple units can be combined to create a bespoke water solution for your industrial process. Industrial wastewater is mainly treated through the use of membranes; as water passes through, impurities are captured, leaving you with clean water to re-enter the water cycle or reuse in production.…

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Why Is Reverse Osmosis Water A Green Solution For Industrial Water Treatment | Membracon | West Midlands | Wolverhampton

Industrial wastewater is a major culprit of water pollution. This is because companies are disposing of wastewater incorrectly without treating or managing it first. Reverse osmosis purifies the wastewater before it goes to drain, making for a green water solution that meets water regulations. RO uses no chemicals to treat wastewater, just cleverly designed membranes. Help Save Nature advises that large-scale industries operate their own on site treatment systems to reduce the amount of pollutants, such as RO. How Is Reverse Osmosis…

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industrial wastewater filtration membrane technology environment | Membracon | Wolverhampton

Industrial processes use high quantities of water, offering major cost savings and environmental benefits to businesses using modern wastewater treatment and recycling solutions. Tighter environmental regulations also create serious challenges to businesses using high volumes of water in their production processes, as breaching these regulations can lead to heavy fines and bad publicity. The Cost of Poor Water Treatment Management   Fines in 2017 average over £440,000. With the added risk of 5 years imprisonment, improving your wastewater treatment by…

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Reverse Osmosis Commercial Use Water Filtration | Membracon | Wolverhampton West Midlands

Water filtration systems such as reverse osmosis are being used more commercially due to the success they have in the industrial process. The process of installing a reverse osmosis system for commercial use mirrors that for industrial use as each system is bespoke to the water issue. What Is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse osmosis is a  water filtration solution system that removes impurities from a raw water source. It forces pressured water through a membrane, capturing a concentrate of the impurities…

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reverse osmosis industrial water filtration system

Depending on the quality of your raw water, different industrial water filtration systems can be used to remove impurities, solids and chemicals. The systems you use are also dependable on the quality of the water you want to achieve for your process. The correct treatment and management of wastewater can help the environment. Reliant on the industry, finer quality of water may be compulsory. To achieve this more than one type of system may be required. Keep reading to find out…

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The benefits of reverse osmosis in industrial processes | Membracon | Wolverhampton, West Midlands

The application of membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment is growing due to tighter regulations for water quality. It’s important to understand the benefits reverse osmosis can provide to industrial processes and why it’s one of the best water filtration systems. Focusing on environmental, cost, health and safety and maintenance benefits. What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?   It’s a process in which raw water passes through a system that removes impurities. Raw water has not been treated or had any elements removed.…

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5 Most Common Problems In Water Treatment | Membracon | Wolverhampton, West Midlands

The list of potential problems encountered by water treatment managers is almost endless. Often, however, it is the same ones that make the most common appearances. Membracon are passionate about finding solutions to the most common, and complex issues encountered by water treatment experts. We have complied a list of the recommended solutions, demonstrating effective ways to overcome the challenges encountered in water treatment. Read on to find out more! The five most common problems in water treatment are: Training…

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