Ultraviolet Bacterial Control

Water is used at some point in almost every manufacturing process worldwide.  In many industrial applications, the use of chemicals such as chlorine or biocides is restricted for process reasons.  Ultraviolet (UV) provides a highly effective, chemical free disinfection solution for a vast range of industrial applications.

Common applications are;


Building services

Food & Beverage

Marine & Shipping


Liquid Sugar





TOC Reduction

Advanced Oxidation

The applications listed here are by no means exhaustive, if a process exists that is not detailed here it is highly likely that our engineering team have experience of the process or at least the means to investigate whether UV is suitable for the application.

Typically a single pass through a UV treatment system will provide a less than four log (99.99%) kill of microorganisms, including chlorine resistant strains such as Cryptosporidium and Guardia. In addition, as a chemical free, physical sterilisation technology, UV disinfection does not change the characteristics of the water, will not affect flavour, texture, smell or pH, and unlike chemical treatments does not leave behind any residual substances that require removal post treatment.  

In addition to providing an effective disinfection solution, UV treatment can be used to remove chlorine, chloramines, ozone, bromine and a wide variety of organic contaminants such as urea, phenols and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from industrial process water.