Anodes – Tubular

Tectron® tubular anodes can be manufactured in a wide variety of qualities, dimensions and options, the ideal mix of product properties are available to optimise each individual electrocoat plant.

The Tectron® tubular anodes use a licensed technology for the internal acolyte flow pattern. This feature means that a relatively high percentage of the ion exchange membrane is available for the electrical current, which is an important quality aspect of the anodes. The chance that biological and corrosion sediments will blind the membrane is reduced, significantly.

Tectron® tubular anodes are heat-sealed, twice, achieving almost absolute reliability. Accessories for these anodes, such as mounting supports, flow indicators and blocking diodes are available which make for an improved ease of installation.

Tectron® tubular anodes offer the customer improved efficiency, lower electrical resistance and overall lower the operating cost of the electrocoating plant.

Membracon are able to assist in the design of the complete anode system, based around the use of the Tectron® tubular anodes. Two anode diameters, 38mm & 50mm, along with lengths to suit each, individual customers’ requirements.