Anodes - Test & Repair

All manor of anodes can be serviced and repaired via the Membracon technical support personnel, including the replacement of worn or damaged electrodes and membranes.

Onsite inspection of anode installations can be carried out, with a comprehensive report being provided to allow customers to evaluate the maintenance required for optimal paint tank performance.

Membracon’s anode system service, utilising the TruIDL Data Logging unit for electrocoating plants, shows customers where, in the electrocoat tank, the paint film is formed and on which section of the coated components.


At the same time the characteristics from the graphs produced reveal problems in the anode system such as rectifier ripple, loose electrical connections or anode cells which have a high electrical resistance.
Running the service on a regular basis, one to four times a year, and comparing the various curves from previous data shows the effects of ageing of the anode membrane on the efficiency of the anode system.

Our service enables customers to understand in depth the deposition process taking place inside the electrocoat tank and take the necessary action to maintain the process quality and efficiency at a very high level.