Ceramic Filtration – Units

The Membracon ceramic filtration systems have been designed to assist for Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) systems, up to 2,000m3/day, that treat industrial waste water recycling, effluent plants and desalination systems in a multitude of industries; petrochemical, chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical.

The benefits of the use of these filtration systems include; a reduction in operational expenditure (OpEx), smaller footprint, minimal operation & maintenance requirements, all aiding in a reduction of disposal costs via reuse.

Membracon not only offers a full, bespoke, design & build for the system to suit each customer’s requirements, but can also provide a comprehensive service & maintenance package along with a tailored financing solution.

A Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is a biological waste water treatment process, coupled to a membrane filtration system. The elimination of organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus is performed through the assimilation by the micro-organisms inside the reactor, while in the membrane an effective separation between the solids (biomass) and the liquid fraction is carried out. As a result, a high quality effluent is produced, free of suspended solids and turbidity and partially disinfected.

MBR systems are characterised by the high quality of the treated water, which fits the requirements for reuse in many cases. Furthermore, the existence of a physical barrier as the membrane, avoids the escape of solids from the biological reactor and the wash out of the biomass. As a result, the efficiency of the process is increased due to the higher biomass concentrations and the footprint is reduced significantly.

MBR filtration systems can be placed inside the bioreactor, in submerged configuration, which allows reducing part of the energetic consumption associated to the filtration.

However, the more extended option in industrial waste waters and small / medium size installations is the external configuration. When the membranes are placed outside the reactor, the operation and maintenance is simplified, and the MBR system can be operated with higher flows in a more stable operation, higher biomass concentration and considerably lower bioreactor volumes. In consequence, we more compact, robust and easy to operate installations can be obtained.

The potential of Membracon ceramic filtration systems, is highlighted when dealing with high-loaded waste water, industrial waters and small / medium flows.