Anodes – Flat Cell

Tectron® flat cell anodes are provided with coated steel support bars, the distance between which is optimised to the anode length.

All the dimensions of the Tectron® flat cell anodes are available for customisation for each individual customers’ electrocoating plant requirements. 

A “top-open” version allows for easy electrode insertion, removal and general inspection.

Mounting racks can be designed and manufactured to suit any existing paint tank rim support.

Advantages of the use of Tectron® flat cell anodes, include;

  • Greater electrode area, therefore fewer anodes required, along with fewer electrical & anolyte connections.
  • The electrode can be easily removed from a “top-open” anode.
  • Distance from the paint tank wall kept to a minimum.
  • Two anolyte feed & return connections for improved anolyte flow pattern.